Hole #6 - Squamish Valley Golf & Country Club

Hole #6 – Squamish Valley Golf & Country Club

In August I spent part of the day hanging around the Squamish Valley Golf and Country Club. The weather and course conditions were just right for some stock photography. A gallery of the best golf course photos can be viewed here.

While I am not a great golfer by any standard, I appreciate the game and enjoy spending my time on golf courses, whether playing or (more often) shooting. It is an understanding of the game that allows photos like the ones presented to show more than just the beautiful scenery found on golf courses but to tell a little something about playing the course. Golfers can appreciate nice photos from a golf course, but what they really like to look at are ‘Golf Photos’.

While a course has a ‘Signature Hole’, each other hole has it’s own ‘signature’ and that’s what I look for in my photography, a mix of aesthetics and the challenge and allure of the game of golf.