I am the lead on web-based projects and am responsible for the connecting, planning and technical specifying, along with understanding and communicating the client requirements to the design and programming team and relaying technical solutions back to the client in a way that they will understand.


Over 7 years ago I started a daily photo practice taking at least one shot a day. Most of these photos are shot with my phone. Daily photography a rewarding activity that keeps me looking for and thinking about light, composition and capturing the beauty around me no matter what my schedule. Every chance I get I am taking photos and sharing some of them on Instagram. I have been fortunate to be recently featured in an Apple short celebrating Canada and mobile photography.


Specializing in mobile photography, I am pleased to provide workshops on how to improve your photography skills.

A creative strategist based in British Columbia

Rory Tucker. I build websites for a living, take photos as a passion and am raising two boys as if the future depends on it. Unashamed early adopter. Instagram stalwart. Lego traditionalist. 2700 days deep into a Photo a Day practice. Happiest when outdoor adventure, technology, photography and family align. Yep, those are the moments I live for.


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Tantalus sunrise and moon set on my commute

  I am fortunate enough to have such a ┬áscenic commute from Squamish to Whistler, BC. I am also fortunate…

Squamish Eagles

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with some @Instagram friends recently. We explored the trails near my home…

Squamish Estuary


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