Help-Portrait was a grass roots movement started in September. The idea was simply to find someone in need, take their portrait, print their portrait and deliver them.

I was inspired to do Help-Portrait after watching the  following to videos.

My friend and fellow photographer Andrew Doran took on the project here in our hometown of Squamish, BC with the help of close friend Richelle Griffiths. We contacted the Howe Sound Women’s Shelter Society and their Director Tara Franz and made a plan to capture portraits at the annual Christmas party.

Here are our results

  • 20 families photographed
  • 54 people
  • 330+ Photos
  • 2 Photographers + 1 Volunteer

It was a very moving and satisfying experience. I never thought of doing what I do, photography, in a way to make a difference. While I have always been charitable, I have never been hands on like this and loved the feedback from our subjects.

The beautiful smiling faces let us know that while things were not always good, that was a special night and our photos will be a reminder.

To Jeremy Cowart and countless other photographers and volunteers, thank you so much for the inspiration. We are looking forward to next year.