Fine Art

Artist’s Statement:

“As a commercial photographer, I find myself using many tools of photography (filters, lenses, photoshop, etc) to ‘manipulate’ images so that they look appealing but and with the goal of keeping production efforts relatively transparent. Photography is often presented as a depiction of what the human eye sees. In reality, this is rarely true.

With my personal work, i  explore the idea of creating images that show subject manner in a way or context that the human eye would not necessarily be able to render. In using the same production tools I use commercially, I like to manipulate images to present a unique view – one that someone might not necessarily see if they were standing beside me when i took the photograph.

In this image “Bridge Glacier'”, I have framed the image removing it from it’s natural context, abstracting it and presenting it on canvas to emphasize the painterly quality of the flowing ice.”


Art & Design Diploma – Red Deer College, 1991
BFA – University of Calgary,1994


2009 – Wild at Art – Squamish, BC
2009 – Industrial Strength – Squamish, BC
2008 – Artwalk – Squamish, BC
2008 – Art at Market – Squamish, BC
2008 –  the Foyer show – Squamish, BC
2003 –  Celebration 2010 ­ Whistler Arts Showcase. Exhibition of Photography – Gallery at Millennium Place – Whistler, BC
2002 – Celebration 2010 ­ Whistler Arts Showcase – Whistler, BC
1994 – ANOSA Gallery – Edmonton, AB
1994 – Penultimate – Nickel Arts Museum, Calgary, AB
1994 – The Exchange Show –  Marion Nickel Gallery, Calgary, AB
1994 – Photo Sessions – The Mezzanine Gallery, Calgary, AB
1993 – The Post Miniature Show – The Little Gallery, Calgary, AB
1991 – Red Deer College Students’ Show – Red Deer and District Museum and Archives, Red Deer, AB

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